J’ai beaucoup aimé le temps que j’ai passé avec Angel !! Je l’ai trouvé très sympathique et c’est très agréable d’être en sa compagnie. Elle est très douée avec ses mains et son corps et c’est plaisant de communiquer avec elle. Elle a aussi une très bonne écoute et sait comment satisfaire son client. Angel est très jolie et a un corps parfait selon moi !! je vous la conseille fortement!!

– giTech
February 12, 2024


Recently had a a fantasy wrestling and boxing session with the lovely Sweet Angel Smiles in Montreal.

Her communication is great, she was very reasonable, and her face and body is even more beautiful than on her web site.

She gave me exactly what I wanted, an amazing erotic wrestling and boxing beating, and she would turn up the aggression every now and then, just to remind me who’s boss.

I might film the next one, and post some session pics 🙂

Great session, with a gorgeous woman, PM me for details.

July 19, 2023


She is the Sweetest and the best, I’m looking forward to see her again. I’ve seen her 4 times and to be honest. I always want more. You’re really a Gem Sweet Angel.

– Mike’s
June 18, 2023


I saw Angel today.
I sent a scenario, and once more she followed it to the letter. She pays attention to her clients needs, and it shows. Always a pleasure.
Good energy…. Lovely Lady, nice to chat. Beautiful body, fit (she is training regularly, i guess). I like her purple hair. She is pretty much YGWYS on her website.
I have imaginary material for my coming masturbation. 

If you have a fantasy/scenario she is the one for you. She was my 1st pegging, and did it so well (few years ago), so gently.

– dorian2
March 17, 2022


Quel excellent services personnalisés.

Je la connais depuis 11 ans et suis toujours extrêment comblé.

Elle est toujours enjouée, bien maquillée avec un grand choix de lingerie et elle possède aussi beaucoup d’ensembles et de jouets sexuel pour des jeux de rôle.

Toujours souriante et de nature coquine. Elle est toujours honnête et ne se presse pas dans les rv.

Quel belle personne.

– Archambault_Jean
March 3, 2022


Ok, hopefully now I can write this review. But Angel White has been the only person who I’ve been going to for domination. While it’s been a while since I last had a session with her, I still think I should acknowledge how great she is. I remember how afraid and worried I was the first time I made an appointment with her because I have never done something like this before, and I felt that I was a bit young still. But she is kind, caring, very understandable and just great at doing her job. She is also really good at giving advice, and just…fun to talk with. If you want to be dominated by her, go right ahead cause she will do exactly what you ask and you can even let her do whatever she wants to you if you want.

– MikeMRsub12
October 5, 2020


After all this reminding about Angel, I decided to have my first session in a while, and I decided to meet someone I always enjoy and trust… the lovely Angel.

She’s beat me up a few times with boxing, wrestling, facesitting, and this time, we decided to add some ballbusting.

As usual, the communication was great, she arrived right on time, still stunning with a great body, and sweet as always, but as soon as the session started, the “sweet” turned to “vicious”, which is just another quality I love about her.

As planned, she completely dominated me, with lots of taunting and verbal humiliation. She punched the hell out of my face and body, did some scissors and facesitting, put me in a few choke holds (she seems to be getting stronger), and the ballbusting was a welcome addition to the beating, as she punched, kicked and kneed my cock and balls to both our liking 🙂

At the end of the session, I asked her to turn up the intensity, and she did with no hesitation, and really beat the crap out of me.

Angel is always a pleasure to meet, and always goes beyond expectations.

And oh, she’s a total fucking babe 😉

– marino2
July 9, 2020


Sweet Angel Smiles in Montreal…

Seeing as most women these days are either fake, have fake ads, or don’t know how to return a text, email or phone call promptly, I went to go see the always dependable Sweet Angel Smiles (.com) again for a beatdown session. 

And again, she was great. 

She is also getting better at chokes and scissors holds, and for the boxing, well, she always enjoys beating my face in (or least she fakes enjoying it really well, lol). 

If you’re in the Montreal area, you really need to try her. 

And oh, she’s fucking stunning 🙂

– marino2
August 7, 2019


I still vividly remember my amazing “slutty leggy prostitute street scene with her”. So hot. BJ in the car. BJ while driving. BJ outdoors late on an off-night in a field. Truly amazing.

– nylonlover
May 30, 2019

So good. Hi there, I am usually on merc (under the alias Dorian), not merb. Anyway, I met Angel today, for the second time. She is the same amazing value. The session was perfect. She did everything I asked her, in my email (personification of a certain girl in my life, and Domination, I spare you the details). The session was awesome. I loved it, and it made me go beyond a new frontier for me. She is a perfect role-player. She is super friendly. Awesome chat by the end. Great body and face. Excellent attitude, which is the biggest quality to me. She is the perfect BDSM/roleplay/massage/else, provider to me, when I can host. I never meet better, in my humble experience. Ps: no FS but she is so nice it really does not matter.

– dorian2
May 29, 2019


The last couple of years, I’ve tried doing boxing / wrestling sessions with escorts. And while I like the fact escorts will generally include total nudity and full service, the beatdown itself is not always very good.

So after the last few disappointing sessions, I decided to go see the dependable Angel, who I haven’t seen in while. Just as I remember, she was quick with replies to my e-mails and texts, and we made plans for a beatdown session.

We met at a hotel, and she is as lovely as I remember. Great body, stunning face, friendly and to the point. And also just like I remember, as soon as the session started, the friendly-ness was gone, and she goes right into session “role-play” character.

As soon as she had the boxing gloves on (and not much else :-), the session started, and with no hesitation, she started punching the shit out of me. She punched me in the face, stomach, ribs, everywhere I enjoy (I’m sure she would be great at ball-punching, but it’s not my fetish). Just like the other times I’ve met her, she is relentless, punch, after punch, after punch, with little mercy, which is what I want. Even as I’d get backed up to a wall, she’d punch me while I’m there. If she’d knock me down, she’d sit on my chest and punch me, all while humiliating me verbally, and if you’re into that, she’s great at it.

After the boxing, and I was pretty rattled from the hundreds of punches, she did some scissoring, facesitting and smothering. Just like I asked, she would push me to the limit, and most of these holds were positioned with me staring up at her incredible body. A few times, I would feel myself fading, and she’d let me out of the hold, only to continue to punish me. And again, she does this all while calling me every name in the humiliation book.

She is great, and I love the fact that she will do exactly what you ask, and from start to finish, will do the session and role-play just how you want it. Truly, a real professional.

PM me for her contact info.

– marino2
May 20, 2019


First of all, she is sooo nice! I was anxious and she made me relax only by talking with me for like 20 minutes! Then we went on the bed and she was #1. She made me discover something I didn’t know I liked. She is perfect, nothing to say.

– LurKy
December 22, 2018


She was super hot and nice indeed.
No-sex could be a turn-off but the session with her was amazing. She is super beautiful, and fit. She has the perfect dominating attitude. I loved the session.
Just waiting for next one.

– nice_man_of_the_world
November 28, 2018


Good girl ! Amazing skills!!

July 21, 2018


🙂 sweetangelsmiles–awesome


I finally met this lady:
She has good reviews over the net. But i was just shy and fearful of my previous bad experiences, to have met her before.

She was AMAZING.
I don’t like numbers notation. But her face and body are super nice. Her pictures do not do her justice. I was pretty surprised of it. Usually it is the contrary. But My, was she pretty and fit.
Her attitude is great. She is open, friendly, does listen to requests (creation of the session). She is not a clock-watcher.
She comes equipped and clean.

I really had an awesome time with her. The whole session was wow. One the best of my life (despite not a huge escort experience).
Just be aware she does not do Full service. Which is a shame as I would do her. But I did not regret it though.

Repeat: YES.

– dorian
June 25, 2018


So last night was the christmas party, Angel showed up with a friend of hers (Angel) as well, Wow these 2 beautiful angels put on a show that the guys are still talking about. 2 beautiful brunettes dressed in stockings and garters doing a erotic show that made everyone in the room, jizz there pants, thanks angels for a awesome night, see you both soon.

– nicknickolas

December 16, 2017


I love to see this girl. Not for everyone but if you have a fantasie and want to get some domination. Have fun with this beautiful lady. I have plans with her soon. Let me know if you want to join 😉

– olivierdudu

October 24, 2017


Angel has never disappointed, she has visited me for role playing on many occasions. Just recently she came to see me and we had a interesting time while i was still working, shes not for everyone but for those who can control and fantasize. shes fun to chat with and very punctual, her body is awesome always warm and so soft, hmmm. Thanks Angel for those unforgettable nights, and we started building a stage for you as promised. till the next party.

– nicknickolas

February 3, 2017


J’ai rencontré Angel.

Vous voulez un autre type de soirée qu’une simple baise, Angel est là. Ce soir l’a j’avais envie d’une soirée de séduction,
premièrement la prise de rendez-vous est simple, vous lui faite part d’un scénario et elle exécute superbement très bien
EX : Elle vient vous visité, discuter un peu avec vous, elle est habillé de façon provocante et soudainement elle fait jouer sa musique et début un striptease… Selon moi cela commence bien une soirée.

A une autre rencontre j’ai voulu jouer au docteur / domination (elle dominatrice, certainement) : Elle entre ce présente comme experte pour un test médical un peu spécial… habiller de façon provocante elle me demande de me déshabiller pour le test médical. Elle bande mes yeux (je pouvais voir quand même très bien). Attache mes mains… delà elle a débuté de jouer avec mon corps.

Elle a plusieurs tours dans son sac (ou valise) à vous d’y voir.

Très plaisant, tres safe, intelligente une vrai pro.

Merci Angel

– dodolala

January 31, 2017


Je suis parvenu à rencontrer Angel le mois dernier. Je voulais vivre une expérience unique et différente et ça s’est produit. Angel a livrer la marchandise! Tel que son site web le décrit, elle a réussi à me faire entrer dans son monde et jouer le rôle de petite secrétaire prête à tout pour obtenir son job… elle a su mettre ses atouts en avant plan et bien m’aguicher.

– Legolden
December 21, 2016


I met Angel recently for a boxing beatdown, and did I ever get a beatdown! She was easy to make plans with, great communication, and when it came to session-time, she gave me exactly what I wanted – and more. Great experience!

– December 15, 2016


I had some luck doing a beatdown with a body-rub girl a few months ago, so I decided to try another…

Her name is Sweet Angel Smiles, in Montreal (you can look her up, or I can give you her info if you’d like to PM me). The e-mail communication was very good, and she agreed to everything I asked, which was a boxing beatdown session, with some smothering and facesitting as well. I told her I like the punching pretty hardcore, and she said no problem (but they all say that, lol).

So we met, she has a great body, with a nice figure, fit, big fake boobs, and stunning face and smile (she actually looks better in person than on her web site). We re-discussed what we were going to do, and she had no problems getting undressed for this (either did I ;-), I handed her the boxing gloves and off we went.

I always find the first few minutes of the session will dictate how hardcore the session will go, and here’s how it went…

She went right into “session-mode”. She pushed me down, sat on my chest, and just started unloading on my face. She was holding me by the neck with one glove to keep my head still, and with the other, was punching me in the nose, cheek, mouth and head with no mercy. After about a minute of these merciless punches, I would try to turn to my side to avoid some of the onslaught, but she did her best to turn me back and continue to pound my face in. This went on for about 3 to 5 minutes, and I’m going to say she already punched me in the face about 100 times, maybe more.

We would then stand up, and again, she was merciless (which is what I asked for, so this was my problem, lol).

She would deliver face punch and after face punch, she would hold me against the wall by the neck, and punch me more. No mercy. After a few minutes, she would push me down again, sit on my chest, and the ground and pound would continue. This went on for about 45 minutes, with the occasional facesit or smother, which was a nice welcome to give my face a break from the beating.

We ended with some “fun” stuff (wow, she went from vicious to amazingly erotic), and she even took off the gloves and did some bare knuckle face punching, which I really enjoy, and she had no problems with it.
When it was over, I had a bloody mouth (even with a mouth guard), very swollen lips, and 2 black eyes, and realized on the drive home, I also had a bloody nose.

She may not have much boxing technique, but she gave me an all-out punching beating like I’ve never had before.

Some women don’t like face punching, and hate knowing they might be hurting my face. She not only did it, but I think she would have turned my face to swiss cheese if I asked, and really seemed to enjoy doing it.

All in all, she was awesome, and went way beyond what I was expecting (maybe too much, as I had to explain to people what the fuck happened to my face).

I get the impression she would do whatever you ask her, but get ready, because she’ll do it at full throttle!

I recommend her 100%.

– marino3

November 25, 2016


I just had my first experience with Angel, and it was one to remember…

I do fetish beatdown sessions, so it’s not always easy to find a woman to do this with, with a twist of erotic, but she was more than accomodating.

The communication was great leading up to the meeting, and the session itself went exactly as planned, and more. She was even more “into-it” than expected, and was even more hardcore than Dommes I’ve met with.

Great body, stunning face, sexy, sweet, and very dependable (which for me, is maybe most important of all these days).

Not sure what her limits are, but if she does all her sessions like this, get ready!

Great experience, all together.

– marino3

November 20, 2016


I met her tonite. She’s a stunning beauty : nice long hair, fit body, huge D breast, nice smile, wow! Service has striction but it’s very well explained on her site. Conversation with her is easy. She’s alse a very bright girl.

Face: 10
Body : 10
Service : 10 ( if you are not looking for fs)

Repeat ? Cant wait !

– marky1234

January 30, 2016


Was looking for a first time experience for my wife and I, and found Angel. Set it up for our hotel and let’s just say we had lots of fun!

– Joolyman

January 2016
I saw Angel for a BDSM session, an area with which I have some experience. I have been with many mediocre, several good, and a few great dominatrixes. They have been strictly BDSM only, which I have always felt to be a limitation, although understandable. Angel fulfilled a fantasy of mine involving an intricate mixture of BDSM and sexuality, which I truly thought I would never experience. And it was detailed. I thought for sure that she would have stopped reading my e-mail after the third paragraph, and yet she impressively got every last detail right. She exudes a degree of skill and professionalism which is rare in any field. Her skills with BDSM and roleplay are exceptional.

She is blessed with an excellent body which she clearly takes care of, a beautiful face, and an awesome smile. She is one of the few people who promises a lot and still overdelivers. She has my highest recommendation.

– Jones

August 31, 2014


Angel’s an unusual girl. If you read her other reviews, you’ll see that she isn’t a typical provider at all. She doesn’t offer less, in my opinion. She offers something different. If you want to try something new and experiment, she’s a great (and great looking) choice.

– MilfLover#1


Angel is a little different from your regular SP. She offers a wide range of fantasies and options but doesn’t including some basic escort services, so she will not be for everyone. It is all up front so you can decide for yourself whether she is right for you. She works well for me. She does fantasies very well, and is responsive to my needs and requests. Everything is totally safe (which is how I want it), and she takes her time . The sessions never feel rushed. As she does outcalls, I had to meet her in a hotel. She was on time and her pictures were totally accurate. Because of her limits and board policy, I’m not supposed to give her over a 7 but if you want what she offers, it is definitely worth your time and money.

– mariobsp


I had been curious about Angel for a long while now, and had missed her when she used to be an SP. So after a slew of emails dating back to several months, I finally went for gold, knowing very well that she doesn’t provide FS. And although i’m a big FS fan, I figured let me try something different for a change. At a pricy $180/ hour (ie: regular SP rate), I figured I would indulge some fantasies and see if she’d bite. She did. And she came through with flying colors!!!! Our date was scheduled for 8pm, and although she arrived 15 minutes late (with a driver), it didn’t really matter because her tardiness actually fueled my desire to see her that much more. Our ‘date’ started in the street. That’s right kids. Per my request, she arrived at a pseudo address about a block away from my real address. I had given her clear instructions and she followed them to a tee! Her instructions were to get out of the car and slowly walk towards a boutique next to my apartment. I would follow her at a distance and enjoy the view. And what a smokin view it was. She was dressed in open-toe high heels, black sheer nylon pantyhose, a tiny little black mini-skirt (smaller than a tennis skirt!) and a nice top. She had lots of make-up on, lolita-style (lots of blues and reds). Her hair was in a bun, pearl necklace and lots of feminine jewelry. This babe came through with every last bit of detail request of mine! And what a nice slender physique with long legs for days…. So I walked from behind, observed her and proceeded to get rock hard at the thought of her. Cars were driving by, and I could see men were doing the double take as they drove by. One car even slowed down. She arrived at the boutique and began window shopping. I then arrived about 30 seconds later and lazily inserted my key into my front door, at which point she looked at me and our Role Playing began…. She apologized for interrupting me, but needed to use a phone. I told her I had no cell on me, but she was welcome to come up and use my home phone if she was ok with that, which she was LOL. She told me that she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, and she stepped out of his car to walk away and he decided to take off, not realizing that her cell was still in her car… We then walked through my dim lobby to the desolate elevator, where I complemented her and wondered why a boyfriend would leave such a beautiful babe, to which she thanked me but my comment made her uncomfortable. We both began looking up to see what floor the elevator was on, with an uncomfortable silence in the air. (GREAT ROLE-PLAY…………total turn on)….In the elevator, I moved in close and caressed her sheer legs and bum…. End of role play…..



I saw her ad on the web: very nice professional ad with nice pics. I called and we made an appointment. She offered both erotic massage and light s&m- fetishism. I told her I wanted to explore the light sm file but was totally ignorant. She said she would bring her toys or tools. She came a few minutes late. Very attractive, slim, well proportionned dark haired petite lady. She provided me with a trial of light sm which was not very pleasant and switched to a striptease followed by mutual caressing with hand release.

– morane007


saw angel about a month ago which was the second time that i saw her as my first meeting is the review right above this.

this time for the role play, i picked something straight from her list of scenarios without any real changes.

the meeting almost didn’t happen because she was late (maybe about 15 minutes) and i had to leave at a certain time. i mentioned to her by email that if she was more than 30 minutes late, i would be forced to cancel regardless of whether she was on her way or not. we communicated via e-mail since she has e-mail on her phone and i had e-mail on my phone as well so it was somwhat similar to sms/texting. it was raining during our scheduled time so she mentioned that traffic was an issue as was parking for her.

pretty much similar to my first meeting with her except i felt that she gave a better massage after our role play session this time as it was a lot more firmer/harder.

only 2 negatives would be that she was late and i was close to canceling the meeting as i had to leave at a certain time and allocated 30 minutes that i had to be out of the hotel where there was 45 minutes between the scheduled end of meeting and when i had to leave hotel. the other negative as mentioned is that finances were taken care of immediately even though the donation was in plain site on the table. for outcalls, i find it unusual for finances to be taken care of immediately when it is in plain site. this time, she didn’t ask for it but just went to the table to pick it up when she arrived in my room.

for me, angel excels in what she gives so if you have the correct expectations for a meeting with angel, you will probably not be disappointed. just like the first time, i enjoyed myself during the encounter and would not have any issues repeating if i was in the mood for this type of meeting again.

– Jacep, December 9, 2013


saw angel about one week ago. read thru this thread and went to her website and was in mood for role play.i sent her what i was interested in in a simply script maybe 1 paragraph about 10 sentences to see if she was comfortable with it and she agreed. only thing she changed in script was kissing on the lips which she told me she doesn’t do (website only mentions dfk so i thought kissing was okay but it wasn’t but it was not a deal breaker for me). kissing is fine on her body.role play session was very good and i would repeat if i’m in mood for something like this again.

if i had to be real picky to point out negatives, the 3 negatives are:

1) she arrived a bit late maybe 10 minutes but messaged me thru out and didn’t shortchange time so it wasn’t an issue for me. traffic was also hell on the street my hotel was on sherbrooke street west and appointment was at 5pm or 6pm. the change in clothes in the washroom wasn’t long so it wasn’t like she was trying to waist time.

2) since someone commented about this in the thread, i thought i would also mention i asked her to dress conservative not to draw attention at the hotel since i didn’t want her to be stopped which has happened to me once in the pass and she wore shorts, i think sandals, and a t-shirt typical style clothes for a 20 some year old in the metro or walking around on a summer day. it was humid on that day so this might be the reason.

3) finances were taken care of immediately even though for me i normally fan out the money on the table making sure that it is visilble to show i have it. she was the only lady guest that i had seen that week in montreal (i saw 4 including her) that took care of finances at the beginning.

i find her to be very attractive and nice to talk with. she doesn’t drink alcohol – i had a form of white chocolate irish cream similar to bailey’s which i brought (not available in quebec).

for the type of service that she gives (role play without sex), she is very good at it and i enjoyed myself.

i found her massage to be okay and similar to most other escort massages that i’ve had (notable exceptions are sophia from sophia’s pleasures and an asian chinese in call escort from hong kong that used to work for mae near the molson center about 2-3 years ago that i forgot the name because they both gave very firm/hard massages).

role play i would give her a 9 or 10 on 10 based on her restrictions already known and how the script was followed. looks are subjective so it won’t give a score but i find her to be attractive and i normally prefer no tattoos and natural breasts. she has tattoos and does not have natural breasts.

as i mentioned i would repeat again if i am in the mood for something like this again.

– jacep
August 20, 2013

Just saw Angel for the first time recently. She has been around for I believe, 5 plus years. Not much to add.

Good looking, professional and does her niche well ( meaning no sex) I would recommend her, as others have. Multiple role playing and does her best to accommodate you. Its different and change sometimes is good once and awhile.

She gives an incredible massage too!. I never had a head massage…just that alone made the session.

– sexdor
July 20, 2013

TERBer than a MERBer -so don’t call shill on me for my first post. Visited Montreal for the first time and wanted to really see how the non-FS/FS experience with Angel was. Communication with her was easy through email and by text. Arrived at the hotel somewhat late (bad traffic) and apologized for that (it worked because of the boss roleplaying activity). She has a very innocent and sexy look – easy to converse in English. After the donation, she changed over to a sexy secretary look (nice pink bra and panty combo) and we went through the roleplay. Nice sensual strip dancing followed. I wanted to take it easy and had her give me a good massage and then we moved out and I had her give me a CBJ with a lot of eye contact – the action was hot that very soon I had my COB shot. Relaxed a little bit more – had her give me more massage . I thought of going for a second one and was getting ready -but I think age has caught up with me – so had to wrap up. Will I repeat again?. I think so. I do want to explore some more of what she offers in terms of roleplay. Overall, a good experience – different but good.

– gvanat
March 13, 2013

Angel of

So being a visitor to Montreal, I thought that I would partake in some of the beautiful women in your city.

On the last evening that I was there I decided to take a chance and meet with a woman whose pictures I found sexy, even though she is very safe and doesn’t do full service.

We texted back and forth to arrive on a time, and even though she was a few minutes late, she messaged me to let me know.

When I opened the door…….I am sure there was some drool from my mouth.

She is that beautiful.

Beautiful long black thick hair, well dressed, speaks great english, and green eyes that I got lost in.

We had swapped some emails back and forth so she knew what my interests were, and there are times I don’t mind the more dominant side of a woman, especially when she looks as good as Angel.

After a little small talk, she asked me to lie on the bed and she changed into a sexy outfit that showed her amazing smooth legs and tight stomach. You can tell this girl takes care of herself both in how she looks, and how she takes care of her body by working out regularly.

Perfect legs. Fantastic ass. The sexy white bra and panties she had on stood out against her tanned skin. Smooth…silky smooth tanned skin.

She has enhanced D’s, and they are spectacular! Sensitive nipples that are hard right away. A sexy voice that can relax, or put you in your place if that is what you are looking for.

Just because she doesn’t do FS, and is very safe, doesn’t mean that the experience is any less. In fact, I know with her that I am safe doing what we do and that actually made the experience that much better.

I had booked her for an hour and I spent a good portion of that just looking at her. Now I didn’t just look, I touched, a lot, and took in her scent, her touch, and the way she read my reactions to her actions.

My fantasy with her was more along the lines of the female sexy boss who wanted to use her influence on me.

That is the type of mindset you have to have if you want to meet Angel.

She is about creating your fantasy.

Sure, it may not be the PSE that some guys want, in that case, move on.

If you have a fetish, or a scene you would love to play out with a beautiful woman, then this is the woman to see.

At the end, he pacing with her hand motion was perfect. Slowing down and speeding up when needed, bringing me to an intense explosion that had me twitching for a while afterwards.

CBJ is on the menu as well if that fits your fantasy.

For me, I just wanted to enjoy as much of her as I could.

She is that enjoyable.

– shadrackc
August 23, 2012


well it’s my turn to give you all a glimpse into my experiences with this angel. All that’s been said above is true, she really is there to make your fantasies come true, and she did for me, several times, and let’s just say mine required a little more effort on her part, but she delivered, and those times with her are some of my best souvenirs of being in this hobby. We in Montreal are truely gifted to have access to this type of service and beauty. I can’t imagine another place that would offer what she does and in a way that is truly genuine, she really loves what she does, no joke, what could be more of a turn-on than exchanging fantasies with someone and feeling that they are really into it, isn’t that really what GFE is?Yes her restrictions are something you need to know and be ok with, BUT, the impact of her having these restrictions, in my experience, has been unbelievable extended foreplay sessions, that normally we wouldn’t take the time to enjoy, so take good care of her, and don’t even think twice about not seeing her because of the restrictions, just book her, tell her your fantasy, and get ready!I so miss you Angel, it’s been way way way to long! And I just asked her about another fantasy, and guess what, she is up for it, so I need to arrange that ASAP boys haha PS. I am one of the lucky early guys to have met her when she was giving full service, so you can imagine it’s even harder for me because I’ve been there, and it was wonderful, but I respect her decision

Take care Angel, see you in my fantasies

Max xxx

– Max6969
November 8, 2011

Saw Angel (sweetangelsmiles) with an adult performer superstar: January Seraph!

Since my dear Mistress Lori has been on hiatus for a few months, I’ve been seeking a kinky “relief pitcher”  I then met Angel from . I’ve been seeing her for a couple of months now and she has met and exceeded all my kinky expectations. Her web site clearly states what are her services and limits… I will add that she is also very open minded… she makes it very easy to discuss your favourite fantasy or fetishes with hers…you would be very surprised how comprehensive she can be. Angel is a cutie patootie. She has a near perfect body, all in all she is an extremely attractive woman. Each times that I have met her was amazing! She is always smiling, making jokes and constantly having eyes contact with you. She is very skilful and has integrated rapidly new tricks that I’ve explained to her…let’s just say that I have shown her the rope as they say in French! She is very versatile…

Now, we are getting to this review’s reason; I’ve met Angel lately in company of one of my dear friend mine, January Seraph. January has been a very close friend for a few years. I was fortunate enough to meet January through common friends. For those of you who may not know who January Seraph is, she is a well known Adult performer and a world class Dominatrix from Los Angeles. She has played in many Adult movie, has been on TV a few times… here are just a few links so you may understand who she is. her Mistress site her blog/site her first time on G4 TV AOTS with Vac bed her second time on G4 TV AOTS giving Dom lesson to the host

The last time that January visited me she told me that it would be cool to do a session and play in company of a local girl. She wanted help for wicked work on me just for a few hours. Lori, whom she had met before, was not available. I then suggested Angel!.. We contacted Angel and she was available that evening – YAY!.. We explained to her what we were seeking and then we were on!…Our meeting would only take place later that that day (let’s just say that I was fidgeting with anticipations the rest of the day). When the time came…I was not disappointed!!! I think that this session has been one of the best nights of my life. January and Angel hit it off immediately, We had an awesome time together…how could I not have a great time with two gorgeous angels having their way with me…I was turned into a boytoy for the rest of the evening trying to keep my two Mistresses pleased! As I said, Angel is very quick to learn tricks…January shown her a few bondage tricks and some!…I can say now that Angel is very well versed into the science of knots. We laughed a lot that night and we kept unforgettable memories from that encounter!

I’m looking forward to my next encounter with Angel…And I wish that one day you all have the chance to experiment a session with the great January Seraph.. She often travels to NY.. just one hour away by flight!!!



April 1st, 2011


I’ve had several hot and intense encounters with Sweet Angel, and she has been nothing less than an angel with me from day one. She has fulfilled alot of my kinky fantasies and role plays (which includes doing stuff in public) and although I wasn’t able to complete the full fantasy (since my full fantasy always involved full penetration), I still had some volcanic and heavenly finishes with her. It’s really too bad she doesn’t do penetration; I would have been broke right now..

PS: I’ve always wanted to do MAIN COURSE with her, but she has always respectfully declined, stating that she doesn’t do that anymore. But like I said, nothing but top marks from my end, and although I haven’t seen her in over a year, I still sometimes fantasize about the kinky moments we’ve shared in the past…

– nylonlover

December 31, 2010


I think the key with this lady is to have the right expectations and have your mind right to appreciate all she can offer instead of what she does not do.It has been over a month since I saw her, but I find myself thinking about her. That is unusual for me so I will in fact repeat with her when I have the next chance.Now that I now what to expect and what not to expect, I think I can focus myself on getting the most out of the session. It is more work to have a session with her because you have think about how you want it to play out.She is rare to offer what she does and to look the way that she looks. She is attractive as SP that I have met in recent years.


April 21, 2010


Opened the door to my hotel room and was instantly amazed at how beautiful she is. Booked her for 2 hours and wanted 1 hour to be the “evil angel” and the other one to be a “sweet angel” hour. So, the first hour was very exciting she comes out dressed like I asked in a short skirt some glossy beige pantyhose and heels. Immediately tells me to get undressed and has me on the floor with a leash ordering me around. This is my first “Domination” experience and it was very exciting. It’s a real turn on seeing her with such a stern expression spanking me, slapping, etc. She then made me carefully remove her shoes and had me massage her pantyhosed feet, licking, sucking and humiliating me with her feet. She then asked if I wanted to be relieved hand or mouth. I asked for mouth and she covered me up and gave an amazingly hot CBJ. I then asked permission from the Mistress to cum on her feet and she obliged…what a turn on! After the session session was over the “sweet angel” came out of the bathroom after cleanup and gave me a nice massage. Round 2 was a nice CBJ with hand-job etc. I asked to wear another pair of pantyhose, some awesome shiny suntan pantyhose and had her model in sorts of positions. she then let me come all over her pantyhosed ass….hot. great experience, very cool girl had a great conversation afterwards.

– ugumer73

March 31, 2010

this is acually my first review on merb so go easy on me guys

anyways i saw angel about 4 or 5 times now and im telling you she never seems to amaze me at first i thought she was a bit pricey but after the first time i was hooked her cbj and hj are amazing and i looooove tits so the russian was my favourite and the dirty talking really set me off like a firehose and also i asked her to wear the pink outfit on her site once or twice and it was the best hour ive ever had

anyways i think angels a nice and sexy women and am going to be calling her shortly to arrange a meeting to see her in that pink outfit again

angle dont change a thing

– jonny 71

March 17, 2010


just to re-iterate….Angel gets the full Nylonlover approval.
2 cocks up!!

She’s a babe!

– nylonlover

January 26, 2010


Angel is great!

Called Angel up last Sunday after discovering her web site. I was intrigued at how she is willing to explore the fetish/fantasy realm beyond BDSM norms.

We had a chat discussing my area of interest and set up a meeting that same afternoon.

I think some less than satisfied clients  I am reading about here do not understand how this woman is different from the rest AND how her services are not the usual Escort sex or Dom fare.

Angel offers more to the man who wants to explore the taboo or unspoken areas of sensuality and mind-bending subjects.

As my interest is very private to me,  I do not wish to share it on a public forum and this rare posting is written in support of a woman who dares to try something different.

Angel was beautiful and understanding  with me from start to finish. From my hesitation on the phone with her risking telling her my private thoughts, to her pleasant willingness how she can contribute to helping me realize it, to her professionalism on arrival making me feel at ease.

Our session began and I innocently took it beyond what she had in mind.  She was open enough to tell me this was not what she expected and together (I think) we adjusted to ensure she had some level of comfort continuing. Angel was gracious to go with the flow and we shared our thoughts on what was going on and how we could enhance our playtime.

As I got carried away with the time, Angel asked if I wanted other options before we finished which I found very considerate and obliging. No they are not the usual Hustler sex kitten options and that is okay. This is not her type of gig.
She did not have to go the distance of offering as I was quite satisfied so far. Many other ladies would have taken the opportunity to head on out.

As Angel is still quite young, she has a curious and innocent quality that makes her more attractive and to be protected. This, her beauty and desire to please are qualities I hope she can maintain as long as possible.
She is an Angel I will invite her in again very soon.

Good luck Angel and keep your heart open.

– GirlsRSurprised

January 24, 2010
I saw Angel again recently……

And although she doesn’t allow FS & BBBJ, I was still craving for her sexy feet, long legs and friendly fun-loving personality. So, I took a 2 hour plunge with her, asking her for a special request, and she came through with flying colors. It was simple.
I wanted her to meet me at a specific street corner near my residence, very late at night. I wanted her to moonlight as a street prostitute, dressed EXACTLY the way I want my street whores to look like LOL.Now, the corner was pretty remote with very little traffic, near train tracks, quasi-industrial area near public housing, with one street lamp giving it a dreamy feel. Very realistic prostitute scenario. She later told me how truly turned on she was by my freakiness!!!!!!We met at 1am. Apparently, her driver dropped her off and then moved a little further away as to be close to her but not close enough to ruin it for us.Then I rolled up in my car and drove past her, then did a turn around at the dead-end. Angel looked so damn hot underneath the street lamp. My clothing requests were fully requested, from the open-toe high heels to the super tiny mini-skirt and the black stockings. She had lots of makeup, a big purse and her prostitute-like attitude…(as requested).I had sent her a full script beforehand and she followed it to a tee. We were in full ROLEPLAY mode…I rolled my window down and she came up to the driver side and put her head in through the window & asked if I needed company, reaching in and grabbing my pipe. I then pulled it out and while she stood outside of my car, she began a sexy HJ while my car was running in the middle of the street. Very very very hot…From afar, we saw headlights from another car, so after about a minute of this reach-in HJ, I asked her to hop in, which she did. She asked for the $right away (remember she’s a prostitute!!). I paid her and pulled my jogging pants down (LOL jogging pants, i was a ‘john’). She reached over and began a soaking wet HJ full of her saliva. I was gonna blow my load easily 5 times right there….

I love her HJ!!!!I then stepped out and went over the passenger door and opened it. While she was still sitting inside, I stuck my pipe in, and she continued her HJ, the whole while spitting on my pipe!! The whole time I was staring around tomake sure no one would interrupt us, and whenever I would look down, I would just see her long black stockinged legs….This girl has slender legs for days!!!!We then put on a rubber and she began a smokin hot CBJ.With the passenger door still open, I then positioned her in a doggy position on my passenger seat (with her legs & ass sticking out of the door). I fondled her and slapped my meat against her cheeks, with not a car in sight, as I stood on the sidewalk!!!I then leaned up against my car (with the passenger door open as to block her from view of oncoming cars ) and she got out & kneeled in front of me and gave me a sweet CBJ and HJ. She then stood up next to me (on my right side) and HJ’d me while staring deep into my eyes! She was so into it!!!!!!!!!!We were parked next to a field near the train tracks. So we snuck into the field and I made her sit on a cement block (behind a thin leafless tree) and we continued with more outdoor CBJ and HJ.

It was cold and she didn’t complain once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We then hopped back into my car and she gave me more CBJ. Then I drove off to my house, and the whole while she was giving me head!We got to my house and continued more of the fun. I finally stripped her nylons off and exploded between her succulent feet!!!!!!!We then went for a 2nd round of nylon foot fun with lots of HJ and CBJ, which completely drained me!!!!It’s really too bad she doesn’t do FS. She would be in my Top 3 FS babes!!! Probably even the first one!!

But if you can’t beat ’em…….Scores still stand in general with an upgrade on her attitude score….FACE: 9/10
BODY: 9.5/10
EFFORT: 10/10
SERVICE: 9.5/10 (based on what she offers per her website..keep in mind no FS)(lost a tiny point for not offering full facial COF)Repeat? YES (if i’m not in the mood for FS)

– nylonlover

November 4, 2009


wonderful session with this bombshell!!!

I had been curious about Angel for a long while now, and had missed her when she used to be an SP.

So after a slew of emails dating back to several months, I finally went for gold, knowing very well that she doesn’t provide FS. And although i’m a big FS fan, I figured let me try something different for a change.
I mean, I did like her photos alot…

At a pricy $180/ hour (ie: regular SP rate), I figured I would indulge some fantasies and see if she’d bite. She did. And she came through with flying colors!!!!

Our date was scheduled for 8pm, and although she arrived 15 minutes late (with a driver), it didn’t really matter because her tardiness actually fueled my desire to see her that much more.

Our ‘date’ started in the street. That’s right kids. Per my request, she arrived at a pseudo address about a block away from my real address. I had given her clear instructions and she followed them to a tee!

Her instructions were to get out of the car and slowly walk towards a boutique next to my apartment. I would follow her at a distance and enjoy the view. And what a smokin view it was. She was dressed in open-toe high heels, black sheer nylon pantyhose, a tiny little black mini-skirt (smaller than a tennis skirt!) and a nice top. She had lots of make-up on, lolita-style (lots of blues and reds). Her hair was in a bun, pearl necklace and lots of feminine jewelry. This babe came through with every last bit of detail request of mine!

And what a nice slender physique with long legs for days….

So I walked from behind, observed her and proceeded to get rock hard at the thought of her. Cars were driving by, and I could see men were doing the double take as they drove by. One car even slowed down. She arrived at the boutique and began window shopping. I then arrived about 30 seconds later and lazily inserted my key into my front door, at which point she looked at me and our Role Playing began….

She apologized for interrupting me, but needed to use a phone. I told her I had no cell on me, but she was welcome to come up and use my home phone if she was ok with that, which she was LOL. She told me that she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, and she stepped out of his car to walk away and he decided to take off, not realizing that her cell was still in her car…

We then walked through my dim lobby to the desolate elevator, where I complemented her and wondered why a boyfriend would leave such a beautiful babe, to which she thanked me but my comment made her uncomfortable. We both began looking up to see what floor the elevator was on, with an uncomfortable silence in the air. (GREAT ROLE-PLAY…………total turn on)….In the elevator, I moved in close and caressed her sheer legs and bum….

End of role play…..


We got to my apartment, and she confirmed with the driver, asking me for the donation off the bat, in a kind professional manner. I offered her a drink, but she opted only for water…

OK, this girl has a smokin hot body with terrific implants. Very pretty face, and sexy eyes. She had one tattoo lower left abdomen near the panty-line.

ON MENU: CBJ, HJ, FJ, Fingers, Russian, COF (below the eyes), pissing


I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed myself, even though there was no FS. She just doesn’t go there with any clients…There was a time when she had fantasized about being an FS escort, but those days are gone.

Her HJ was great, with lots of eye contact and just the right amount of dirty verbal talk. Her CBJ is pretty good with TONS of saliva. Man I had wished it was a bbbj……
Lots of massaging of my twin sack, but no contact with her mouth…

I wanted to enjoy the view during CBJ, so I had her suck me in different ways, the best being while she was sitting at the toilet for a pee, with her pantyhose down to her knees. I just waltzed in and dove my rod into her throat, to which she devoured…. I then made her get on her knees on my bathroom floor, and suck me off while I sat on my toilet bowl. Real kinky…. My rod was pointed straight up with my balls bouncing up and down on the front end of the toilet seat. She was just blowing, and HJing perfectly with tons of spit oozing down and dripping off my balls to the toilet….She didn’t complain once about her knees on the hard floor…She actually excelled in this kinky toilet position, and she began cooing more and talking dirtier, as she blew and HJ’d with both hands, while I stared at her nylon-clad upper thighs.

This girl can deliver gents…

We then moved to the bed, where I asked her to remove her hot heels. More CBJ ensued, followed by a 69 , where she CBJ’d me and I just smelled and caressed her pantyhose ass…I did however dive my hand into her hose and underneath her panties and began gently fingering her moist kitty, very hot!

I friction-boinked her in a few positions, with mish being the hottest and easiest. I then indulged her sexy little feet, perfectly pedicured with pink toenail polish…

Her nylon footjob was exquisite. Keep in mind that I was in the lead for the whole session, and she followed instructions well. Various footjobs positions ensued and all were stellar. I then told her to remove all her clothes and began a nice russian, hoping to finish on her face.
But although her tits are big, I preferred to go back to a FJ to finish off…only because she was specific in pointing out that although I could COF, it would have to be below her eyes. But I knew what was brewing inside my sacks, and it wasn’t going to be small. It was going to be huge and needed to be jerked out aggressively and uncontrollably (ie: juice would have splattered all over her face…..she wouldn’t have been happy).

With no pantyhose on, She laid down facing me (we were both on our backs facing each other). She grabbed a hold of my rod with her feet, and together with her lube, her feet began a mind-numbing pull job on my meat. I abused not only the sole of her extra soft feet (her feet felt like pillows on my rod), but her toes as well, sliding my shaft between her big toe and the adjacent 2nd toe…while her other foot rubbed my balls below..

We continued like this in various combinations of foot positions until I blew a hot volcano all over her feet. She then proceeded to juice every last drop of jizz for a good 3-4 minutes…..rubbing her soles on my shaft, which was now ultra-sensitive, making my body girate like I was being electrocuted….

She got ready and told me she was going to shower at home, as she had no more clients….

FACE: 9/10
BODY: 9.5/10
ATTITUDE: 9.5/10 (lost a tiny point for asking for $off the bat, which is fine to me, but just trying to be objective)
EFFORT: 10/10
SERVICE: 9.5/10 (based on what she offers per her website..keep in mind no FS)(lost a tiny point for not offering full facial COF)

Repeat? YES (if i’m not in the mood for FS)

PS: for all you animals, she’s also into peeing on her and on you… (but not on her face or head)……

– nylonlover

August 25, 2009


Still love Angel!

I’ve seen Angel several times since my initial review and she is still on the top of my list. She was really pretty to start with and now that she has been “enhanced” she’s even prettier. We’ve gotten to know each other a little during our sessions and we chat a lot. She is actually very bright so I enjoy this.

One of the things I like most about Angel is that she is totally non-judgemental. My tastes are a little eclectic but she makes me feel comfortable in asking for what I want and she always seems eager for me to explore. She is a little quiet when receiving a massage but there are other ways to tell if she is enjoying herself…and she is!

For those who enjoy this, ask her for a prostate massage. She does this while providing a great HJ. Look into those big green eyes while receiving all this and WOW!

– Magician

August 22, 2009


Moi j’avais bien aimé ma rencontre avec Angel quand je l’ai vu (ca fait 3 mois par contre). Elle était très attentionné à moi et voulait ma pleine et entière satisfaction. C’est sur que ce n’est pas une SP au sens propre du mot, c’est plus une masseuse qui offre certains extras. Mais si on est au courant de ça et qu’on n’a pas d’autres attentes, ça va bien aller.

Au début de sa carrière elle était une vraie SP, mais elle a changé certains services qu’elle offre. Plus de DFK, plus de FS.

– Maxime

August 12, 2009



I called up Angel and asked a few questions about her services. It seemed interesting so I booked an appointment. She showed up right on time. I was impressed with her looks, but even more with her personality which is friendly and easygoing. I took the massage and roleplay services.

It is amazing how she can transform her personality and step into the role. She really puts a lot of effort into the service and her massage is also good. She is very intent on meeting the expectations of the customer. I won’t go into details, but if you are interested in her services you will not be disappointed.

Face: 8/10
Body: 7/10
Attitude: 9/10

– John_eh_mcduff

July 1, 2009


A true Angel ReviewsHi guy’s im new on this board.I would like to review a Goddess for you guys. This week i met Angel from here.Darn she ‘s so cute and have good attitude and you don’t feel rushed with her.

Let me describe my experience with Angel. She came to my door i was like oh gees what a Beauty Queen im gonna have a good time. She went to the bathroom to change herself then she came out dressed like a dominatrix. WOW!!! I like the fuck me boots shes was wearing.

So the session start i kissed and licked them.

After she start hitting me with her leather stick then grab my balls slapped and squeeze them also with the nails and normally i dont allow that. Angel asked me to bend over and put her strap-on and some lub then she start to fucked my ass and i really liked it and i told her i like this and thank you Misstress.

After she offer me a cbj i said yes please Mistress so she put a finger in my ass then she became more like my girlfriend and gees i wished she never stop. I was looking at her beautiful eyes … Then she remove the condom and finished me by hands i had a total orgasm. I went to the bathroom to wash me then went for a massage and we chat together and it seem that we know a few peoples in comon and i won’t say why.

The best experience i had for domination.

A repeat OH HELL YA !!!


Attitude: 100/10
Look: 100/10
Experience: 100/10
Service: 100/10
Sensuality: 100/10

Thank you my sweet Angel XxX

Her website:


January 9, 2009


I’ve never written a review before but I thought this lady was too good to keep a secret. I have had four encounters with Angel and they’ve all been absolutely great. The description on her web site,, is very accurate. She is a beautiful brunette, about 20 years old, 5’4” and very slim. Her best feature however are her eyes. She has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen.

She always comes to the door looking ravishing; her make-up and hair are perfect and her nails are always professionally done. In all her encounters she has been in a great mood and eager to please. She was open-minded and was willing to explore my tastes in order to make me happy. In fact she seems to enjoy providing services that are a little more unusual including, prostate massage, foot fetish, domination and more. This is on top of the more traditional massage with certain options.

With Angel, I have had the pleasure of giving and receiving sensual and erotic massages, receiving a prostate massage and exploring my foot fetish. This lady has a great touch and she takes my sexual excitement to great heights!! Looking into those eyes and seeing her smile as she touches me brings my experience to a whole other level.

One thing that is important to note is that she is not a full service provider and all her services are provided in a very safe fashion. So if you are looking for higher risk activities or full service, she is not for you. If you are looking for a positive and fun attitude, great service and a beautiful young lady, she is hard to beat.

– Magician

December 28, 2008

I had the opportunity to be with Sweet Angel a while ago. She is just as pretty as photos on the website. Her face is great, dark brown hair with curls and with that girl next door look. When I called her she was very polite and professional. She walked in the room and I couldn’t help but stare at her eyes. They were warm and inviting. She was very casually dressed, not skanky, not a lot of makeup and no heavy perfume. My wife can pick up another girls scent even before I walk in the door. Angel called her driver after we took care of the fee. We got some of the rules out the way, No DATY, no FS, CBJ only (bummer). She started out doing a sensual massage all over which didn’t take me long to get totally aroused. She put on hat and proceeded with a BJ which was slow and very sexy. I wasn’t allowed DATY but she didn’t mind digits so I got her rocking moaning and grinding with my fingers. I came after 30 minutes of stroking and sucking. We chatted a bit about her specialty which is anal play, prostate massage, fisting, GS and domination. I was curious to find out how such a young woman (20yrs old) could know so much about a man’s anatomy and what makes him tick (or explode) We chatted so much that I really found her intriguing, smart and streetwise despite her young age. Well before I knew time was up. I wasn’t up to getting anything shoved up my ass especially since this was our first meeting. I don’t let anyone shove anything up my ass on a first meeting. I’m not into the domination thing or GS but of course never say never until you try it. I think I have to totally trust a girl before I would let her tie me up and abuse me. Hmmmm now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I’ll call Angel again and explore a bit. A beautiful, sweet and professional girl that has a dirty side. If you are into what she is offering on her website I believe you won’t be disappointed.