As you already know, outfits play a major role for many fetishes. I have many on my Photo Gallery page but as I also own many others.

Foot fetish

Thigh-high stockings: red, burgendy, beige/nude with black line, white, light pink fishnet, black regular, black fishnet, black vinyl, bright pink

Pantyhose: bright pink, dark blue, black, black fishnet, beige/nude

Socks: Black, white

Heels (open, closed and pointy toe): Black, red, white, silver, pink flowers

Flats: Black, gold

Flip-flops: Black, gold, silver/light blue

Boots: Black

My toes are always beautifuly painted. If you’re able to book an appointment ahead of time, you may even choose the colour!


Black fishnet dress, black corset, black and red corset, black and pink corset, black sheer body suit, red nighty, mini black vinyl bikini, garters (black, red and white), pink fishnet dress, black and pink nighty

Want to dress up too? Perfect! I have just what you need in many different sizes!

Clothes and lingerie for you: Skinny jeans, skirts, garters, thongs, panties, bras, bikini, dresses, wigs, makeup, heels, diapers, etc. You can see some pictures here.