I am flattered that you are considering booking a session with me. Please read all the questions on this page and the links associated with your question before contacting me. You can also use the search option on my website to enter key words. As I am available every day, any free time between in person and virtual sessions is used to rest my mind and body to keep offering you amazing sessions. Please only contact me when you have visited my website, chosen the options that interest you, know your availabilities and where you would like to meet.

Where are you located?

I’m in Montreal. I offer outcalls to your home or hotel/motel. I do not have an incall location. Please do not inquire about incalls or about me renting a room. I never rent the room even if you offer to pay extra. You can rent a room for 4 hours for as little as $35. Some suggestions are on my Contact Me page.

When are you available? At what time do you finish?

My schedule is posted under Availabilities. No encounters take place before 11:30 a.m. or after midnight. Appointments taken a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time are always appreciated as same-day appointments are always stressful and almost never possible.

Are you available now? Are you available today? Sorry I never know my schedule ahead of time.

My days are always very busy. Between my appointments, activities and homelife, time is precious and it is difficult, and often impossible, to be available at a moment’s notice. The gentlemen I meet are very important to me and I prefer to be well-prepared, fresh and relaxed for them. This is why a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is preferable.

Since you’re not available now, do you have a friend who is available now?

Unfortunately, I do not know anyone who is available last minute. If you wish to have a duo with me and another lady, please book about a week ahead of time.

How long in advance should I make an appointment?

As soon as you are sure of your schedule. Please keep in mind that most people book their appointments a week ahead of time. Appointments taken a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time are always appreciated as same-day appointments are always stressful and most of the time not possible.

What can we do during our session?

For all in person sessions, all the options I offer are on this site under Massage with options, Companionship, Roleplaying and Domination. You can choose and combine any options on those pages. If you have a specific roleplay in mind, kindly send me a concise scenario of a few short paragraphs maximum. For virtual sessions, the options I offer are found on my Cam shows and more and Fans only pages. Unfortunately, I do not have secret options which are not mentioned on my website. Please refer to those pages for ideas.

Do you offer brown showers (scat)?

Unfortunately, I do not offer brown showers. I offer golden and ruby showers on your body only.

If I request a golden or ruby shower, may I drink it?

No, it is done on the body only. Please do not insist.

Why are your donations higher than others on the market?

There are many factors that come into play. I have been in the business since 2008 and so I have a lot of experience and am well equipped. I have excellent reviews. I spend a lot of time at the gym, getting my nails done, hair done, light tanning, etc. Finally, I am always 100 % sober and present during our encounters as I do not drink alcohol or take any drugs. The donation isn’t only for the time we spent together but for the whole package.

What are your restrictions?

I am never submissive. No sex, no DATY/DATO without a dental dam, no DFK, no LFK, no BLS, no BBBJ/OWO, no CIM, no brown showers (scat), no fart fetish, no Roman showers, no rainbows and no Greek will be provided. I also do not offer knockout or lift and carry sessions.

How much do you charge?

I receive a donation for my time that varies between $50 and $200. The details are listed under Donations.

Do you offer a discount if I take multiple hours or see you often?

Unfortunately, no discounts are offered at the current time.

Can we meet for a 30-minute session?

I offer sessions of 60 minutes minimum and never travel under $180.

Do you ever travel for work?

No, please do not contact me for a session outside of Quebec, Canada. I only travel in and around Montreal.

What is your favourite thing to do? What are you in the mood for?

I enjoy everything that I listed on my site. All the things I do not enjoy are listed as my restrictions. I like variety and cannot only choose one option as my favourite. I am in the mood for anything that is listed on this site.

Can you bring a girlfriend? If so, what would you do?

Yes, you can find all the details on my Massage with options page.

Can I be your personal slave, drive for you and cook for you?

No, all my slaves give me a donation of $200 per hour for my time.

What if I have a cold or flu on the day of our appointment?

If you are feeling under the weather, please contact me to reschedule your appointment.

What can I buy you as a gift?

Along with your donation, you can bring a gift to our session. It is not mandatory but always appreciated. I love fresh flowers, pink is always a plus! I also like gold jewelry. New domination toys are also fun.

Favourite lingerie: I like La Senza (size extra-small or small underwear and 34D bra). I prefer pink, purple, red, orange, white and black for lingerie.

Favourite outfits: For tops, I am size extra-small (if stretchy) or small. As for my jeans, I am size 25. Workout clothes are also always useful. I am size extra-small (if stretchy) or small for leggings. I prefer pink, purple, black or dark gray for workout clothes. Bombshellsportswear.com has nice choices. I am size small for this company.

Favourite gift cards: La Senza, Guess, Sephora, Le Garage, Ardène, Jean-Coutu, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon

Favourite snacks: I enjoy unopened dark chocolate, chocolate protein shakes/bars (20g) or unopened sweets.

Favourite beverage: Unopened bottle of water.

Favorite colour: Pink.

Do you take any extra precautions due to the current pandemic?

I wash my hands at the beginning and at the end of the appointment. Please do not take an appointment with me or cancel your existing appointment if you are coughing, if you have fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell/taste, sore throat, stomach flu or extreme fatigue (or if you have been in contact with someone who has the previous symptoms). As I have a weak immune system I will catch it. A mask can be worn by you or by me (or both of us), depending on your preference. I can wear a medical mask or a see-through/transparent one.