Make your fantasies come true! Have you ever dreamed of experiencing a HOT ROLEPLAYING fantasy with…

– A hot secretary
– An innocent school girl / ABDL
– A sexy boss
– A seductive exotic dancer
– A frisky nurse
– An attractive police officer
– A cute neighbour
– A provocative maid
– A playful cheerleader
– A perverse nun
– An irresistible flight attendant
– A determined Spiderwoman

A hot secretary (possible scenarios)


1. The hot secretary has just noticed that you’re the new employee hired by the boss. There are no limits to what she will do to get both of you alone in the office…even if it means blackmailing you to get what she wants…

2. The boss’ hot secretary looks like she might be suggesting to do a bit more than just the company’s work project. Let’s see who decides to make the first move at your rendez-vous. Will it be you or her?

An innocent school girl (possible scenarios)

1. The innocent school girl has picked you as her favorite tutor to help with her class work. She seems to have other plans for you in mind since she’s been dreaming of getting you alone at her place to study instead of at the library. You have no idea what type of seductive tutoring you’re about to walk into…

2. The innocent school girl has failed her final exam. You (the teacher) are her last hope to pass. You can clearly see how bad she really wants to pass and how eager she is to do anything at this given moment to get her passing mark. You’re not about to hold back. She said she’s ready to do anything not to flunk her final. Let’s see how far the school girl will go to get that passing grade…

3. Want to babysit me while my parents are gone?

Perfect! You can change my wet or dry diaper, we can colour/draw, watch cartoons, play with Play-Doh/toys and you can read me a story before my nap time.


You can wear and wet a diaper. I am equipped with disposable diapers, plastic diapers, pacifiers, baby powder, baby bottle, doll, bib, colouring book, crayons and more! I can babysit you, feed you, change you, play with you, punish/spank you if you misbehave and reward you if you are good.

A sexy boss (possible scenarios)


1. The sexy boss at work has just called you into her office. She mentions how you’re due for a big pay raise. The only thing stopping it from happening is that you have to do one little favor for the boss… She’s had her eye on you for quite some time now so she’s ready to take advantage of the situation to get exactly what she wants out of you or there’s no raise coming your way.

2. Your sexy boss has invited you to her hotel room to finish helping with the company speech. It becomes less about working and more about her problems at home. She confesses to you that you’re everything she wants in a person and that really turns her on. Before you know it you’re now dealing with a very turned on boss who won’t stop until she’s satisfied with the final outcome.

A seductive exotic dancer (possible scenarios)

1. You go to a strip club for a friend’s bachelor party. You decide to choose the hottest exotic dancer for your friend. The only thing is she seems much more interested in you! Rather than giving your friend a dance she’s putting all her attention on you. Before the end of the night she invites you back to her place, who knows what she has in store for you…

2. During a night out with the boys, a buddy of yours decides to pay a couple of dances for you. You realize after a few dances that you know this hot dancer. It is someone who used to have a big crush on you. She realizes that it is you and an innocent private dance might turn into something a bit more steamy. It’s just up to you to say and do the right thing to make everything work out for the best. You already seem to be on the right path.

A frisky nurse (possible scenarios)


1. You (the patient) need a new emergency treatment to save your life. The doctor is nowhere to be found. The only person who can save you is Nurse Angel. Her new procedure helps you release so you no longer feel any discomfort, but she must work quick there isn’t much time to save your life.

2. After a long painful stomach surgery, Nurse Angel has been assigned to take care of you. You can’t help but notice how incredibly hot she is and how she doesn’t wear your typical nurse’s uniform. Her only problem is that she’s a nympho, and if she gets one of her urges she needs to relieve herself on the spot, even if that means getting satisfaction with a patient on the job.

An attractive police officer (possible scenarios)


1. You (the driver) were driving a little over the speed limit after a night out with friends. Unfortunately, a police car intercepted you so you pull over only to realize how hot the police officer writing the ticket is. How far are you willing to go to avoid that ticket?

2. You have been caught misbehaving a few times in the past few days, but this time, the hot police officer on duty doesn’t seem to be so lenient. She is ready to teach you a lesson you are not ready to forget and will do all she can to keep you in line…

A cute neighbour (possible scenario)

Your roommate is out shopping and your cute neighbour drops by unexpectedly to do some laundry. She’s seemed to have had an eye on you for quite some time now…who will make the first move…you or her?

A provocative maid (possible scenario)


Room service knocks. You open the door to a sexy provocative maid and nicely let her know she can clean while you finish getting ready for an important business meeting. As you watch her clean your room you find yourself fantasizing about her. You then notice that she is looking back at you…and then coming towards you with a huge grin…You have no idea what she has in store for you!

A playful cheerleader (possible scenarios)

1. You are at the game with the boys and decide to get snacks for everyone right before half time to avoid the crowd. You decide to stop by a water fountain first. After drinking water, you look up only to see the sexiest cheerleader with the most gorgeous green eyes waiting for her turn and smiling back at you. She then signals you to follow her to the restrooms…who knows what she has in store for you…

2. Were you unable to hook up with the hottest cheerleader in your school? This is the perfect opportunity for you to live a fantasy you won’t soon forget!

A perverse nun (possible scenarios)

(a model is wearing the second outfit)

1. You have been going to a strict school for quite some time now but have recently decided to misbehave on a few occasions. Luckily, Nun Angel is on duty all week and she will use everything in her bag of tricks to keep you in line. Are you ready to let perverse Nun Angel give you the correction you deserve?

2. You have been eyeing Nun Angel at church for the passed few weeks as her attire lets you think she is more open-minded than the other nuns present. You decide today is the day that you will make your move. Will she give you something to confess about?

An irresistible flight attendant (possible scenarios)

1. You are a pilot and an irresistible flight attendant on board has been eyeing you since the moment you got on the plane. Your copilot offers to take over to give you a little break. As you walk out of the cockpit, she takes your hand and discreetly pulls you into the bathroom…what she has in mind for you will leave you breathless!

2. You are a passenger boarding a plane and you spot an irresistible flight attendant. Unfortunately, she seems very focused on her work. Will you be able to seduce her during your short flight?

A determined Spiderwoman (possible scenario)

Looks like your little spree ends here. Spiderwoman is determined to stop you from misbehaving. She can tie you up very tight to ensure you can’t cause any more trouble. You will have some time to think about the consequences of your actions before she punishes you.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about any other scenario you may have in mind. Kindly send me a concise scenario of a few short paragraphs maximum.