Domination at its best, dare to try!

Have you ever been curious to experience or seek a NEW, unique and exciting way to reach a point of ecstasy? DOMINATION is the next LEVEL you are searching for.

I’m offering light domination for curious beginners and more hardcore sessions for experienced slaves. Domination at my hands will be different from any experience you have ever felt. My approach to domination is very diverse and can be adjusted to meet each slave’s personal fantasy. I expect nothing less than TOTAL OBEDIENCE! Nothing else will be tolerated, or face Mistress Angel’s types of punishment if you dare to challenge my authority.

1. Domination outfits – Choose an outfit from the ones below for me to wear during our session. Please specify if you also want me to wear specific boots or shoes.





2. Choose what you would like me to bring to our session. Please select specific items. Some items may not be available for last minute appointments.

The sizes of my dildos/butt plugs vary from 9 c.m. (3.5 inches) to 30 c.m. (12 inches). The middle one on the first picture squirts!

Bondage: rope, tape, saran wrap, handcuffs, harness to hold legs up for strap-on use, harness to tie hands

Ballgag: 5 different ones to choose from (ball (2x), small penis, inflatable, ball with small dildo to insert in me)

Penis cage/chastity, feathers, leach, paddle, nipple clamps, cockrings, whips, blindfolds, penis pump, flesh light replica

Vibrating penis pump, inflatable butt plug, cock ring and steel pinwheel. I also have a black plastic toy gun.

2 pairs of boxing gloves, 2 head guards and a pair of wrist wraps.

Outfits for you – feminization

Many bra, panty, nylons and garter kits are available in every colour. Other skinny jeans, skirts, thongs, bikini, dresses, wigs and heels are also available.

Outfits for you – ABDL

3. Choose the options that you would like to include in the session

Options available: BDSM soft or hard, teasing, spitting (on your face or body or in your mouth), trampling, feminization, CBT, CNC, CFNM, JOI, CEI, ABDL, spanking, belting, face slapping, whipping, nipple torture, erotic humiliation, small penis humiliation (SPH), anal training and fisting, figging, feet/boot/sock/heel/shoe worship, body worship, stocking worship, hot candle wax, needles, strangling, financial slavery, kicking, role playing, slave training, ruined orgasm, strap-on play, non-competitive fantasy wrestling (with no resistance on your end), pillow fights, scissoring, posing, tickle wrestling, grappling, fantasy boxing, belly punching, apple polishing, golden shower (on the body only), ruby shower (on the body only), spit roasting, edging, tease and denial.

Erotic humiliation can include: Animal play (referring to the recipient as a pet dog, bitch), eat and drink from pet food and water bowls, drink from the toilet, verbal belittlement (boy, girl, missy, pet), insults (fat, ugly, stupid, sick, disgusting, worthless), degrading names (slut, shit, bitch, cunt, whore), disparaging or cruel references about breasts, facial appearance, genitalia (including SPH, erection difficulties, circumcision status), buttocks, behaviors such as walking, responsiveness, hygiene. Requirement to ask permission for every action.


Slave hogtied



You can also include any options mentioned under Massage with options.

* Please take note that I do not offer lift and carry or knock-out sessions. Please do not contact me to be my personal slave (housekeeper, driver, etc.). All my slaves give me a donation of $200 per hour for my time in their company.